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Bicycle Indoor Cover for Storage and Transportation

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Anti-Dust Bike Wheel Cover High Elastic Tire Package Indoor Storage Bag

You can't clean the tire every time and you can't leave it outside.

This wheel tire sock cover made of polyester and spandex is suitable for most types of bicycles due to its high elastic properties.

After the front and rear tires are covered, you don't have to worry about the bike you bring into the room getting dirty in the hallway or in the room.

The role of the dust protection wheel cover:

  • Prevent your family from accidentally sticking to the oil on the bicycle chain.

  • Make sure the interior of the car is clean and tidy when traveling by car.

  • Protects bicycles from "baptism" in dust and keeps the ground clean.

  • Protect your baby from sharp objects on the bike component.

  • Portable when outside cycling also washable.

Bicycle Wheel Cover Installation Steps:

NOTE: It is recommended to turn the bike upside down before installation to make it easier for the tires to fit in.

  • Insert the front wheel into the bike wheel cover;
  • Stuffed the pedal part into it;
  • Slowly put the rear wheel in again;
  • Adjust the elastic band of the upper part appropriately to fit better.


High Elasticity Fabric

Made of polyester fiber + spandex fabric, High elasticity suitable for various bicycle types.

Machine washable, durable colors

When the cover gets dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine and wash it at 30 – 40° C (80 – 100° F) or less. We promise that colors won't fade.


Length:59 inches
Height:23 inches

Opening: 29 inches


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