How to travel with your bike by car, plane, and train and How to bring your bike into hotels

Full bike cover Indoor bike cover

You and your bike are travelers at heart. But what if you want to explore farther places by bike, but don’t want to pedal all the way to your destination?

The short answer is: No problem!

Consider these questions as you plan your trip:

  • Will you transport the bike inside the car or will you need a rack?
  • If you opt for a rack, will you use a rooftop or a car trunk system?
  • How will you protect your bicycle on the rack (or inside the car)?

If you have enough space to take your bike inside the trunk of your car, you won’t have to bother yourself with finding a suitable transportation rack. However, we recommend you to get a protective cover - to hide your bike from potential thieves and prevent any dirt or scratches damaging your car.

The BIKE COVER will work great for this, take up minimum space and protect both of your beloved vehicles from mechanical damage.

For example, if you want to transport several bikes and go on highways (travel long distances), choose sturdy bike package systems. If you want a cover that’s simple to attach and has a tight fit, go for KUOGO. An additional bonus - you can carry your bike inside the house, garage or even a hotel without removing the BIKE COVER.

If your bike is too precious for you to leave it in the hotel parking, you know you have to take it up to your room. Most hotels won’t object to this but some might, especially if the bike is not perfectly clean after the ride.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Come prepared - read the hotel policy beforehand or contact the reception to make sure your bike will be allowed inside the hotel room.
  2. Before entering the hotel, dress your bicycle in BIKE COVER - either the indoor cover or the full cover.

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