Reasons why you should get an indoor bike cover

Indoor bike cover

If you’re passionate about cycling just like we are, you definitely face the question- where to store my bike? Or how to store it? Maybe you’ve even considered a bike cover but weren’t sure if it’s the right solution for your bike.

   1. To keep it clean.

No doubt you carry a lot of dirt indoors, if you bring your bike from the streets to your home. First and foremost, the tire prints on your floor is a real struggle to clean every time after a ride (not to mention the rainy weather).

     2. Your bike turns into a stylish element

With the special attention we pay to each design and colors, your bike becomes an interior object, rather than a storage problem. With different designs you can definitely choose the one that will suit and fit in your interior, moreover, it can enhance or compliment it.

   3. You can take your bike with you to public places.

Either in a hotel, office or a cafe, sometimes the dirty bike can be a problem if you don’t want to leave your dearest two-wheeled friend outside, but the facility won’t let you carry it inside. When it’s all nicely covered, no one should oppose, since it becomes baggage.

Also - the cover is lightweight and is very compact, so you can always put it in a bag and take it with you no matter where you’re cycling!

  4. It’s long lasting and fits your bike

You can insert a wet and dirty bike and later just put the cover in a washing machine when necessary. The print stays on as new if you follow the washing instructions, so don’t worry about that!

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